Traffic Offenses in Lagos and their Penalties.
Driving in Lagos can be a madhouse, but be rest assured that every wrong choice you make while driving can cost you a fortune. It’s imperative to adhere to simple traffic laws and signs to avoid impromptu fund disbursement and a waste of time. Here's a few traffic offenses and their penalties when violated:
Top 5 Affordable Used Cars on Betacar under ₦2,500,000
Buying a car is a lot of money and investment. It’s also important to invest in the right car within your budget for adequate maintenance and avoiding stories that touch. Below are a list of 5 quality used cars on that are 2.5 million or less:
Car Mileage - All you need to know.
Car Mileage can become very trickish yet manipulative, but they undoubtedly play a significant role, especially when buying foreign used cars. Car Mileage is the distance travelled by car. They’re typically measured by an odometer, optionally from a milestone measured in miles. However, Car Mileage is always one of the few essential things to consider when purchasing a used car. You have to consider the current mileage when buying a used car. Of course, the fewer miles it has been driven, the better.
Taking Care Of Your Car During Harmattan.
Yay…Winter is here!! Well, our Nigerian version of winter is harmattan. And Harmattan has officially kicked in. We know everyone is rubbing extra lotion this season to avoid skin dryness. Beyond the lotions, lip balms and warm clothing, if you own a car, your car needs protection from harmattan. Here are a few tips of maintaining your car during this harmattan:
Saloon (Sedan) Cars vs SUVs
Cars are majorly categorized into two types, namely Sedan (Saloon) & SUV. Saloon Cars (which is also called Sedan Cars) is a type of passenger vehicle that has four wheels, four doors, and low ground clearance. An SUV is a type of car that has four wheels and four doors but a high ground clearance. Sedans have been on the market since the 20th century; however, SUV's have been on the market since the 1930s. Sedans have three components, with the engine component located at the front end, the passenger area in the middle, and the cargo component at the rear end. SUV's have two compartments with the engine compartment in the front, and the passenger and cargo compartment is most times combined into one.
Benefits Of Buying A Tokunbo Car (Foreign Used Cars)
Nigerians love and enjoy driving their own cars regardless of the crazy traffic because it's simply more comfortable than to worry about hailing cabs and jumping buses. Owning a car also stands as a representation of who they are and how they want to be seen and respected in the community. It is a known fact that Nigeria automotive Industry imports more foreign used cars (tokunbo cars) than brand new vehicles. Tokunbo cars has many benefits that cannot be overemphasized.
Buying A Used Car in Nigeria
When it comes to buying a car, it becomes mind tasking and one of the first few questions you will be asking yourself is, ‘Should I buy a new or a used car?’, ’If I get a used car, would it be worth the while?’. Buying a brand new car is definitely the first preferred choice for anyone, but then buying a used car turns out to be a lot cheaper. However, there is where the fear of being left with a car that was badly used before or had been in an accident automatically comes in. But let me share with you a few tips which can help when you’re embarking on your car buying journey.
Car Care Tips - Your Car Has Feelings Too
Your Car has FEELINGS too No one likes to be neglected, not even your car. There is no denying that your car is probably one of your most prized possessions. Despite this, it is quite sad that a lot of people don’t know how to take care of their cars. These cars do all the work, transport you, from the annoying Lagos traffic and bad roads every day. And all you do is clean the body in readiness for the next day. A well-maintained car has a longer lifespan, reduced cost of maintenance and of course safety while driving. There are some basic car care tips that don’t need your mechanic, it needs your attention. Stop procrastinating and check your car now!
Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain
Let’s talk about driving in Lagos, particularly during this rainy season. Lagos state government recently reiterated that there is a rise in seawater level which is the cause of the flooding in Ikoyi, Lekki, and the environs. We all have seen the terrible damage the flood has done to roads and properties.
Living in Lagos is HARD!
Sometimes it is okay to get it off your chest. Life is hard, and in recent times, it looks like life in the world’s third most stressful cities, according to CNN, is indeed Hellish! Lagos is just one kind!